The Challenge

To leave a mark, but not a footprint.

At Calzados Robusta we know that the quality of our life at work is highly dependent on our environment. Therefore, we are committed to preserving and caring for the environment by gradually reducing the environmental footprint in our processes.


The Solution

To generate zero waste through ecodesign.

We have implemented an ecodesign project aimed at creating a more sustainable model at all stages of the production cycle. It is a global process that not only involves the use of green materials, but also the most sustainable way to produce, store, and ship them to customers.


The Results

Reduction of our CO emissions.

We control and reduce VOC emissions and spills, offset part of our carbon footprint through the ‘Calculation, Reduction, and Compensation’ program of the Ministry for Ecological Transition, and contribute to Sustainable Development Goals.

“The quality of our life at work is highly dependent on our environment. Caring for and respecting the environment makes us grow as an organization”

Marta Martínez


Our commitment to science is also a commitment to the environment.

The Eco design project was started in 2009 by the Calzado de La Rioja Technology Center (CTCR), and its objective is to incorporate all types of environmental criteria into the design and manufacture of footwear. Robusta was selected to participate in the project because of its innovative capacity and commitment to quality. Thanks to this initiative, we can offer our customers:

Thanks to ecodesign, we have reduced the weight of all our cardboard boxes and incorporated inks into the water. This helps to reduce the cutting of trees and CO emissions. With each ton of cardboard used, we saved 15 adult trees, saving 250,000 litres of water and a lot of energy.


All our leather providers are certified by the Leather working group, a group that brings together brands, manufacturers, suppliers, non-governmental organizations, and end users to promote sustainable business practices and environmental care protocols within the leather industry. This entity contributes to 6 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) included in the 2030 Agenda.


Calzados Robusta collaborates with the Ecotextyle project, whose aim is to raise awareness and educate the footwear and textile sector in sustainable manufacturing, in accordance with future European sustainability policies.

For Marta Martínez, Quality and Environment Manager of Calzados ROBUSTA, caring for and respecting the environment makes organizations grow as working sustainably is economically profitable.