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Robusta®'s commitment to science also involves a commitment to the environment. As a result, we have joined an Ecodesign project that aims to optimise the materials we work with, both in terms of the product and its boxes and packaging. For example, we have reduced cardboard grammage in all of our boxes and added ink to water. In this way, we help to reduce tree felling and CO2 emissions. For each ton of cardboard, we save 15 grown trees, 250,000 litres of water and a lot of energy. At Robusta®, we use 900,000 boxes per year. As a consequence, if you reuse and recycle them, the planet will thank us.

The Ecodesign project was launched in 2009 at the initiative of the footwear technology centre of La Rioja (CTCR). Its purpose is to incorporate all kinds of environmental criteria into footwear design, production and manufacture. Robusta® was selected to join the project on the basis of its innovative capacity and its commitment to quality. This initiative allows us to offer you:

  • Products that are more environmentally responsible
  • Better prices since process optimisation reduces manufacturing costs
  • Optimisation of technical, human and material resources
  • Professional footwear of proven quality that is as environmentally friendly as possible

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