How do we get a step forward? In Robusta we believe in innovation. Designing the future consists of getting ahead of it. We believe in science and knowledge to improve our products.


Robusta uses Biomechanical Engineering, to apply the technical aspects of athletic footwear to work and professional footwear. The benefits of comfort, resistance, weight, reduction of muscular loads and joint damage, are collected in our collections, thanks to the study and biomechanical analysis of running shoes.

Robusta always takes a step forward and therefore combines comfort, safety and lightness in her footwear, making them feel their feet in perfect condition after long working hours.


For years Robusta make an exhaustive work analyzing the design of its products to improve its functionality.

Dynamic study:

• Plantar support, tread comfort and pressure points on the feet while walking.

• Tread stability or deviations while walking.

Biomechanical study:

• The level of damage to joints produced by walking.

• Muscular activity produced while walking.

Biothermal study:

• Thermal comfort and the transmission of heat generated while walking or standing.

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