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Basketball is a 'top' sport, and not just due to the height of its players. It is a sport that links values such as the desire to improve, companionship… many of them shared by Robusta.

This is why Robusta is sponsoring the Clavijo basketball team from Logroño, starting in the 2016-2017 season. As well as its sponsorship, Robusta has chosen this sport for the development of sports footwear whose design is based on scientific studies and joint work with the athlete Margarita Fuertes Pila in her capacity as an expert.

Robusta takes a further step in the world of sport, guaranteeing the social and sporting project of the basketball team from the Rioja and helping with the dissemination of the brand by accompanying the club in the Spanish cities where the team competes in the LEB Oro league, together with the thousands of fans who follow it. This helps to advertise our new line of sport footwear and, by extension, all the other professional footwear products on offer.

“Work requires a constant effort and struggle every day, each worker is an athlete who pursues objectives and we make footwear for these work athletes. Our company thinks of them and contributes to the achievement of their goals through our product".


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